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About Us
On 18/3/2007 meeting of all Saurashtra Ginnsou was conducted at Gondal. With the approval of all, Saurashtra Ginners Association got in & an Association got established. In the very first meeting where all the members being present, Mr. Bharat Vada was appointed as the President. Thereafter Authorized committee, Management committee as well as governing board got appointed. Below is the Information pertaining to the committee.
Objectives for Establishment
The objects for which the “Association” is established are:-
  • To represent interest and benefits of members of the association as well as trade and the industry as a whole before the government, semi-government, court of law, local body or bodies or any other institution.
  • To provide proper guidance to the members in connection with the sales and purchase of raw materials and finished goods by way of formulating rational rules of sales and purchase of cotton, cotton bails, cotton seeds etc. and to form a committee for the effective implementation of the said rules.
  • To collect the information regarding the trade and industry and to intimate the same to the members.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, training courses etc. , which are useful to the members in their business and to encourage the members for research and development activities.
  • To protest against any law which is harmful or undutiful to the members as well as the trade and the industry.
  • To collect the information about the defaulter parties and to provide it to the members and to protect the members against frauds.
  • To provide the proper guidance to the members for their financial needs by remaining in touch with DIC / Nationalized Banks / Co. Operative Banks and other financial institution.
  • To work so as to be helpful to the members in any respect for the prosperous working of the units.
  • To work in such a manner so as to bring harmony amongst the activities of the members.
  • To collect the contribution from the members per each unit held by him / her.
  • To spread and promote cultural and / educational activities such as :-
    1. Establishment and maintenance or support of school, college, vidyapith, study center, and units for uplift or benefit of members.
    2. Establishment, maintenance and support of library, music hall, reading room and maintenance of garden and other means of recreation for the advancement of health of members.
  • To protect the interest and right of members and for that purpose, to make correspondence, epresentations, applications etc. to such officers or offices as may be necessary.
  • To foster goodwill amongst the members by arranging meetings and discussions periodically.
  • To start and maintain recreation, cultural and education centers for the members.
  • To doing of all such other lawful things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.
PROVIDED that the “ Association ” shall not support with its funds or endeavor to impose on, or procure to be observed by its members or others, any regulations of restrictions which if an object of the “ Association ” would make it a trade union.
The objects of the “Association” are confirmed to the State of Gujarat only.