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Cotton History
Before 5000 years in India cotton was being grown, spun and woven into cloth, We gat evidences from excavations of mohanjodaro. In 15th century cotton was known generally throughout the world. In 17th century modern ginning, spinning, weaving started in England.
Cotton in India
  • India was a net cotton importer country but now second largest cotton exporter country in world.
  • India exports 10.8 million cotton bales in 2007/08
  • India has the largest area in the world under cotton ( 9.12 million hectares in 2007/08)
  • The third largest producer of cotton in world ( 27.00 million bales in 2007/08)
  • India is the only country cultivating cotton of all staple classes.
  • Indian cotton having positive characteristics include low neps, good dye absorption, good luster.


Cotton in Gujarat
  • Gujarat cultivating cotton area is 2.54 million hectares in 2007/08
  • Gujarat cotton bales production reached to 11.7 million in  2007/08
    ( 40% of India )
  • Gujarat produces cotton verity of SHANKAR-6, B.T. COTTON, V - 797.

Cotton in Saurashtra
  • Saurashtra cultivating cotton area was 1.6 million hectares in 2007/08 (65% of Gujarat and 18% of India)
  • Saurashtra cotton bales production reached to 7.00 million in 2007/08 (65% of Gujarat and 26% of India )
  • Saurashtra produces cotton verity, SHANKAR-6, B.T. COTTON.
  • Saurashtra having mostly fully automatic modern ginning factories, and famous for ideal process of cotton, with controlled contamination and proper humidification.
  • Saurashtra cotton having some special characteristics like very low naps, good luster, more wax on fibers surface, very low dye absorption. This all factors are more suitable for hosiery yarn.
  • Saurashtra ginners are committed for excellent quality, less contamination and timely delivery.